Reader’s Companions

I’m a big fan of some of the series I myself translate, and when I started using Twitter seriously in early 2018, I figured I might as well share my observations on the weekly chapters in the form of elaborate tweet threads, which aren’t at all a dumb, inconvenient way of sharing information that requires me to parse my long-winded thoughts into ridiculous bite-size chunks.

This page is an up-to-date archive of those threads (currently for My Hero Academia and Dr. Stone), for easy access. Sometimes there’s an overarching theme, sometimes it’s about translation elements, sometimes it’s just observations and ramblings. Parenthetical indicates the topic.

My Hero Academia:
Chapter 166 (Bakugo’s Humility)
Chapter 167 (Aoyama’s name)
Chapter 168 (Still Waters Run Deep)
Chapter 169 (School festival ideas)
Chapter 171 (various)
Chapter 171 Bonus (Destro’s army)
Chapter 172 (various)
Chapter 173 (various)
Chapter 174 (various, focus on Gentle + La Brava)
Chapter 175 (various)
Chapter 176 (various)
Chapter 177 (various)
Chapter 178 (La Brava’s age)
Chapter 179 (Gentle’s past)
Chapter 180 (various)
Bonus (Izuku/Deku Midoriya’s name)
Chapter 181 (various)
Chapter 182 (festival antics)
Chapter 183 (festival antics continued)
Chapter 184 (billboard chart)
Chapter 185 (rankings + Nomu theory)
Vigilantes Chapter 31 (Fat Gum + Osaka)
Chapter 186 (Destro + Hawks)
Chapter 187 (everything Todoroki)
Chapter 188 (everything Nomu)
Chapter 189 (more Dabi)
Chapter 190 (various)

Volume 1 Trivia
Volume 2 Trivia
“The U.A. Mole is Hagakure” Theory
Anime ep46: Road to Kamino

Dr. Stone
Chapter 16 (pulley science)
Chapter 17 (Ishigami Village villager names)
Chapter 24 (muri-gee)
Chapter 42 (astronaut foreshadowing)
Chapter 43 (Soyuz, Baikonur, astronautery)
Chapter 44 (Hachijo Kojima)
Chapter 44 Bonus (Lillian’s tragic past)
Chapter 45 (various)
Chapter 46 (Before-time names)
Chapter 47 (village geography)
Chapter 48 (katana crafting + various)
Chapter 49 (various)
Chapter 50 (phones + various)
Chapter 51 (cotton candy + various)
Chapter 52 (various)
Chapter 53 (batteries + various)
Chapter 54 (vacuum tubes + tungsten)
Chapter 55 (siphon + various)
Chapter 56 (Senku’s birthday + various)
Chapter 57 (metals + various)
Chapter 58 (too much science)
Chapter 59 (various)
Chapter 60 (various)
Chapter 61 (various)
Chapter 62 (various)
Chapter 63 (black light)
Chapter 64 (Tsukasa people)
Chapter 65 (various)
Chapter 66 (Nikki)

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3+4
Chapter 5+6
Chapter 7+8
Chapter 9+10
Noah’s Notes JUMPSTART:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3