Translated Works

The following is a mostly comprehensive and hopefully up-to-date list of my translation work, with handy hyperlinks to purchasing options (please consider supporting local comic shops or heck- even Barnes and Noble- before resorting to amazon, if possible!). Unless stated otherwise, I am the lead/sole translator for each item listed.

Also, a number of these ongoing titles (My Hero Academia, World Trigger, and Dragon Ball Super) are free-to-read upon release (simultaneous with Japan) through two different legal/official digital services:

Viz’s Shonen Jump (and app)
(first 3 and latest 3 chapters are free. paying $2 a month gets you access to the entire “vault” = every chapter of 130+ different manga series. available to readers in the US, UK,  Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, the Philippines, and India)

Quick Index:


-Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Deserted Island Diary
-Assassin’s Creed: Blade of Shao Jun
-Big Order
-Corpse Princess
-Dragon Ball Super
-Dragon’s Crown
-Dr. Stone
-Eniale and Dewiela
-From the Red Fog
-Gabriel Dropout
-The Girl Without a Face
-Grim Reaper and 4 Girlfriends
-Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
-Harlequin Romance Manga Adaptations
-High School DxD
-High School Prodigies Have it Easy Even in Another World
-Hybrid x Heart: Magias Academy Ataraxia
-If Witch, Then Which?
-Infini-T Force: Arc to the Future
-Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku
-Kuroko’s Basketball
-Ludwig B
-Magical Girl Incident***
-Marvel’s Secret Reverse
-My Hero Academia
-My Hero Academia: Vigilantes
-My Hero Academia: Smash!!
-My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions
-My Hero Academia: Ultra Analysis
-Ninja Soccer
-Nisekoi (sub.)
-Otherworldly Izakaya Nobu
-Persona 3
-Persona 4
-Protect Me, Shugomaru!
-Rose Guns Days season 1
-Rose Guns Days season 2
-Rose Guns Days season 3
-Run on Your New Legs
-RWBY: The Official Manga
-She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat
-Snow White With the Red Hair
-So What’s Wrong With Being Reborn as a Goblin?***
-Spider-Man: Fake Red***
-Today’s Cerberus
-Ubel Blatt
-Sadako at the End of the World
-Shonen Jump One-Shots
-Shonen Jump Jumpstarts
-The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest
-The Walking Cat
-We Never Learn (sub.)
-The Witch’s House
-World Trigger
-Yowamushi Pedal

-My Hero Academia: School Briefs: Parents’ Day (book 1)
-My Hero Academia: School Briefs: Training Camp: The Inside Story (book 2)
-My Hero Academia: School Briefs: Dorm Days (book 3)
-My Hero Academia: School Briefs: Festival For All (book 4)
-My Hero Academia: School Briefs: Underground Dungeon (book 5)
-Street Fighter: The Novel: Where Strength Lies

Art/Tribute Books:

-Dark Souls II: Design Works
-Dark Souls III: Design Works
-Devil May Cry 3142: Graphic Arts
-Dragon Ball: A Visual History
-Dragon Quest Illustrations
-Duel Art: Kazuki Takahashi Yu-Gi-Oh! Illustrations
-The Eyes of Bayonetta 2
-Kirby Art and Style Collection
-My Hero Academia: Ultra Analysis
-Neon Genesis Evangelion: TV Animation Production Art Collection
-Osamu Tezuka: Anime Character Illustrations
-Osamu Tezuka: Anime & Manga Character Sketchbook
-Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth – Official Visual Materials
-The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies
-Record of Agarest War 2: Heroines Visual Book
-Samurai Pizza Cats: Official Fan Book
-Senran Kagura: Official Design Works
-Shin Megami Tensei IV: Official Artworks
-Shining Blade and Ark: Collection of Visual Materials

Video Games:
-La Mulana EX
-Mega Man Legacy Collection
-Sayonara Umihara Kawase


animal crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Deserted Island Diary
Follow the adventures of four manic children who find themselves living on a deserted island in the Animal Crossing world. The author—clearly a big fan of the game itself—makes use of heaps of characters and gameplay mechanics, turning them into gag-filled plotlines for this manga.
By Kokonasu Rumba
Published by Viz Media

assassin creed

Assassin’s Creed: Blade of Shao Jun
Hardened 16th century assassin Shao Jun has returned to China on a quest of bloody revenge, while in present-day Japan, her descendant Lisa receives “treatment” from the assassins’ sworn enemy—the Templar Order.
By Minoji Kurata
Published by Viz
(four volumes total)

Asuka’s visiting London to look into his mother’s past, but a close encounter with a black-dog-turned-naked-anime-girl sets him down a path of catching his mom’s cryptids (all of whom have attractive humanoid forms) and making them battle, Pokemon-style.
By Makoto Sanda/Miyakokasiwa/Aco Arisaka
Published by Yen Press
(three volumes total)

big order
Big Order
Eiji “Main Character” Hoshimiya has a mysterious superpower that destroyed most of the world ten years ago by accident, and now he’s bumbling around Japan attempting to save his dying sister while thwarting a series of maniacal organizations, each with their own superpowered agents and cryptic agendas.
By Sakae Esuno
Published by Yen Press
(five omnibi total)

Corpse Princess
A Buddhist sect with an unrealistic amount of wealth and real estate has figured out how to revive deceased young women as scantily-clad, near-immortal combatants paired with warrior monks in a worldwide struggle against ghost zombies. Enter Makina- a so-called Corpse Princess who saw her entire family murdered by an infamous gang of seven superzombies before being ripped limb from limb herself. She’s out for revenge, and getting there is going to take wayyy too much fictionalized yet reality-based Buddhist terminology that I had to research.
By Yoshiichi Akihito
Published by Yen Press
(23 volumes total)

DB super

Dragon Ball Super
This manga sequel follows a little-known cult classic from the 90’s called “Dragon Ball.” Something about monkeys battling aliens, maybe? Not really sure.
By Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro
Published by VIZ Media
(my translations begin from chapter 33, on)
(free monthly simulpub on
(ongoing series)

dragon's crown

Dragon’s Crown
Based on the best-selling video game, this two-volume series follows the misadventures of a band of six RPG adventurers known only by their class names as they feast, fight, and (be)friend each other.
By Atlus and yuztan
Published by Udon Entertainment
(two volumes total)

Dr. Stone

When a mysterious phenomenon turns all of humanity to stone, it’s up to teen brainiac Senku to will himself out of petrification 3,700 years later and restart civilization with nothing but sticks, rocks, and a little bit of help from his friends.
By Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi
Published by VIZ Media
(weekly simulpub in Weekly Shonen Jump)
(26 volumes total)

Eniale and Dewiela
It’s Good Omens meets Girls Gone Wild when heaven’s ditziest angel and hell’s most tsundere demon take their will-they won’t-they frenemy act to Earth, bringing about any number of near-miss apocalypses with their goofy, stylish shenanigans.
By Kamome Shirahama
Published Yen Press
(three volumes total)

red fog
From the Red Fog
It’s Jack the Ripper meets Oliver Twist when adorable would-be orphan Ruwanda must survive on the streets while managing his psychotic urge to murder people. Watch me insert the bare minimum amount of British-isms while hopefully not making a fool of myself.
By Mosae Nohara
Published by Yen Press
(ongoing series)

Gabriel Dropout

Too much gaming and junk food has turned heaven’s top angel alum, Gab, into the laziest slob to ever attend human high school. Her angel and demon friends are along for all the mundanely wacky slice-of-life adventures that ensue, from dealing with broken air conditioners to working part-time at a coffeehouse.
Published by Yen Press
(ongoing series)

girl without face
The Girl Without a Face
What might seem at first to be an allegory for women robbed of their voice and agency is actually a heartwarming rom-com where the dude does his utmost to listen and understand his yokai girlfriend, despite the fact that she has no mouth (and must sometimes scream).
By tearontaron
Published by Yen Press
(standalone volume)

grim reaper
Grim Reaper and 4 Girlfriends
Kaoru’s the most generic lead character by design, and a reaper is about to kill him if he doesn’t get a little more interesting. Enter Kaoru’s plan to juggle four new girlfriends at once, where a single breakup means his life is, like, so totally over.
By Shin Suyama
Published by Yen Press
(one omnibus)

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Professional wimp Haruhiro is transported by unknown means to a gritty, realistic sword-and-board RPG world where the deaths are permanent and the points don’t matter. The struggle is real when it takes a party of five average kids several gore-filled chapters to brutally murder a single level 1 mud goblin and sell its entrails to afford room and board at the inn.
By Eiri Shirai and Ao Jyumonji
Published by Yen Press
(three volumes total)

Harlequin Romance Manga Adaptations
Published by Digital Manga Inc.
Love pulpy romance novels, but don’t have enough time in your life to read through an actual book’s worth of text-based softcore porn? Look no further than these manga offerings from Harlequin and Digital Manga Inc., the original stories of which were translated from English to Japanese, adapted from Japanese novel into Japanese comic, and translated back into English by me.
My repertoire includes the following titillating tales:harleq2
Bought for Revenge, Bedded for Pleasure
The Bridesmaid’s Reward
The Companion
Daring the Dynamic Sheikh
Daughter of the Sea
The Desert King’s Pregnant Bride
Desperado Part 1
Desperado Part 2
Forced Wife, Royal Love-Child
The Greek’s Convenient Mistressharleq3
The Greek’s Virgin
Hired by Mr. Right
In Her Boss’s Arms
Knight’s Lady Part 1
Knight’s Lady Part 2
Mendez’s Mistress
Nine-to-Five Bride
The Notorious Duke
Prince and Future…Dad?harleq1
The Prince’s Baby
The Prince’s Bride
The Prisoner Bride Part 1
The Prisoner Bride Part 2
The Sheikh’s English Bride
The Sicilian Duke’s Demand
Unmasking the Maverick Prince
The Venetian Playboy’s Bride

High School DxD

Unabashed boob man Issei is remade as a devil by the devil princess who secretly runs his high school. We never see him go to class again, but he does get his own egregious harem and the chance to do battle against other devils, fallen angels, and the pantheons of multiple cultures/religions using the ancient dragon spirit fused to his arm.
By Ichiei Ishibumi, Hiroji Mishima, and Zero Miyama Published by Yen Press
vol. 1
vol. 2
vol. 3
vol. 4
vol. 5
vol. 6
vol. 7
vol. 8
vol. 9
vol. 10
vol. 11
Asia and Koneko’s Secret Contract!?
(11 volumes total + spinoff standalone)

high school prodigies.jpg

High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World!
Sick of all those isekai stories where the characters struggle to survive and are forced to introspectively confront their own weaknesses? Then how about one featuring seven genius children who pretend to be gods and use their knowledge and technology to utterly dominate the medieval fantasy world they end up in? The first step: winning over the locals with mayonnaise.
Based on the light novel series of the same title.
By Riku Misora, Kotaro Yamada, Sacraneco
Published by Yen Press
(ongoing series)

Hybrid x Heart: Magias Academy Ataraxia
High school boy protagonist #374, Kizuna, literally has his hands full when he learns that he’s the only male member of a squad of mech-armor-wearing girls who need to fight off an otherworldly invasion but can only be powered-up by being groped and turned on mid-battle. Y’know. That old story!
By Masamune Kuji and Riku Ayakawa
Published by Yen Press
(four volumes total)


Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku
The feudal shogunate government has decided to send murderous ninja Gabimaru and nine other bloodthirsty criminals to a newly discovered paradise island in search of the elixir of life. The guy just wants to finish the mission and live in peace with his wife, but wouldn’t you know it?- the island turns out to be hell-on-earth.
By Yuji Kaku
Published by VIZ Media
(13 volumes total)

if witch 1
If Witch, Then Witch
Haruka’s frenemy Maruna wants to go to witch school, but when her anemia keeps her from casting spells properly, Haruka schemes to crossdress and raise her blood pressure through insults and hugs. Together, this odd couple might just make one whole witch.
By Ato Sakurai
Published by Yen Press
(three volumes total)

Infini-T Force: Arc to the Future

Remember those great Tatsunoko heroes from the 1970s, like Gatchaman, Polimar, Casshan, and Tekkaman? You don’t? Well, it’s a blast from another demographic’s past when those exact heroes are summoned to modern day Earth by high school girl Emi and her magical pencil in a crossover tale for the ages.
By Ukyou Todachi and Tatsuma Eijiri
Published by Udon Entertainment
(four volumes out)

Kuroko’s Basketball

Ever wondered what you’d get if you crossed Dragonball Z with high school club sports? Then get ready, because Kuroko and his colorfully-haired friends and rivals are here to launch a bevy of ultimate b-ball moves across the court while shouting attack names and emanating lightning auras. Note: I knew nothing about basketball before starting this series and still don’t.
By Tadatoshi Fujimaki
Published by VIZ Media
(15 omnibi total)

Ludwig B

This is Osamu “God of Manga” Tezuka’s dramatized, quasi-biographical take on the early life of Ludwig von Beethoven, told as a series of quip-filled vignettes with a whole lot of charm and at least some historical basis…probably.
By Osamu Tezuka
Published by Digital Manga Inc.
(out of print)
(finished series)

marvel's secret reverse
Marvel’s Secret Reverse
By Kazuki Takahashi
Published by Viz
Written and arted by dearly departed Yu-Gi-Oh! author Kazuki Takahashi, Secret Reverse sees Tony “Iron Guy” Stark and Peter “The Spider” Parker travel to a video game convention in Japan, where what-is-basically-a-Yu-Gi-Oh!-villain is scheming to take over the world with a children’s card game, so it’s up to the American duo to save the day.
(standalone book)

My Hero Academia

All right so you definitely missed the chance to say “I read this before it was cool” but there’s still time to catch up and get with the program, maybe?
Anyway, 80% of the population has superpowers called “Quirks,” and Quirkless Izuku’s life is changed forever when the greatest superhero of all time decides to grant the spirited weakling a super duper superpower, enabling him to mangle his body every time he uses it and allowing him to attend a vocational high school for future heroes where fighting dastardly, professional villains is par for the course.
In case you didn’t hear, this is now the best-selling hero comic worldwide. Wowzers.
By Kohei Horikoshi
Published by VIZ Media
(weekly simulpub in Weekly Shonen Jump)
(ongoing series)

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

This spinoff to My Hero Academia follows not-so-ordinary college boy Koichi as he dons a flu mask and hoodie and becomes “The Crawler” – a vigilante who’s more of a boy scout than a crimefighter. Batman parallel “Knuckleduster” and guerilla idol “Pop Step” join the fun in a series of misadventures that add a nice amount of thoughtful world-building to the MHA universe.
By Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court
Published by VIZ Media
(ongoing series)

My Hero Academia: SMASH!!
A second spinoff to MHA? If you insist. This one’s like blooper reels from the main story, taking existing scenes and turning them into slapstick nonsense, where every character is a grotesque caricature of him or herself.
Can I write humor? Let’s hope so!
By Hirofumi Neda
Published by VIZ Media
(five volumes total)

team-up missioms
My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions
The third official spinoff to MHA is a smattering of detached “what if?” stories that pair up hero kids with other hero kids just to see how they interact. Never you mind if these stories don’t actually fit anywhere in the timeline, according to canon!
By Yoko Akiyama
Published by VIZ Media
(ongoing series)

mha ultra analysis
My Hero Academia: Ultra Analysis
Not exactly a spinoff series, this chunky tome is actually the second data/character book for MHA that was released in Japan. Viz didn’t do the first one. Not my call. I just translate these things when they ask.
By Kohei Horikoshi
Published by VIZ Media

Ninja Soccer
Carlos sucks at soccer, but his world’s about to change when he stumbles across dueling ninja clans deep in the jungles of Brazil, because it just so happens they settle their feuds by kicking around the old black ‘n’ white (did I mention I don’t know sports?). Watch him abandon his family and entire life to be trained in the ancient arts of…wait for it…Ninja Soccer!!
Published by Yen Press
(two volumes total)

Nisekoi: False Love 
(no goofy synopsis here, since this was never really a series of mine)
By Naoshi Komi
Published by VIZ Media
(substitute translator on chapters 158, 159, 210)

Straight from the original text, because I couldn’t write a better description if I tried:
“This is a tale of street cats portrayed as hoodlums.”
A reverse-furry series that teaches us if you go full anthropomorphic, it will be amazing.
By Atsushi Okada
Published by Yen Press
(six volumes total)

Otherworldly Izakaya: Nobu 

The medieval Germanic fantasy city of Eiteriach doesn’t have wizards and dragons, but strangely enough, it does have a modern-day Japanese izakaya. And like hipsters to the newest gastropub in Bed-Stuy, the olde-timey citizens are flocking to Nobu to experience the newest, trending cuisines. Mouthwatering descriptions and tantalizing illustrations of the Japanese bar food will have readers as hungry as the characters for some fresh sashimi, piping hot kara-age, and much, much more.
By Natsuya Semikawa and Virginia Nitouhei
Published by Udon Entertainment
(ongoing series)


Protect Me, Shugomaru!
By Daiki Ihara
Published by Viz
When rich heiress Sanagi Ojo’s life is threatened by a faceless assassin, it’s up to her ten-year old bodyguard, Shugomaru, to protect her from every perceived threat, whether real or imaginary. Expect pratfalls, poo-poo pee-pee jokes, and lots of Yu-Gi-Oh! references.
(no volume release yet)

Rose Guns Days Season 1
What if Japan had lost WWII? Wait. I mean, what if Japan had lost WWII even worse? That’s the premise of the entire RGD saga, which sees Japanese culture eroded by the occupying Americans and Chinese in the immediate post-war era, giving rise to a new sort of Tokyo full of cross-cultural rival factions competing for economic opportunities surrounding the reconstruction and shifting infrastructure. …It’s a lot more exciting than it sounds, thanks to colorful characters like the smooth-talking, pasta-loving vet, Leo, peacenik mob boss Rose, and the sociopath gangster with good intentions, Father Caleb.
By Ryukishi07 and Soichiro
Published by Yen Press
(four volumes total)

Rose Guns Days Season 2
Season 2 of this alt-history epic zooms in on the escapades of the Japanese gangsters’ errand runners. You’ll root for the lovable, scrappy trio of Oliver, Charles, and Nina as they befriend a runaway prostitute and aim to take down the Chinese mafia with nothing more than a slingshot and good, old-fashioned pluck. …All while the adults in the background weave their neverending socioeconomicpolitcal webs, setting up the horrors of Season 3.
By Ryukishi07 and Soichiro
Published by Yen Press
(three volumes total)

Rose Guns Days Season 3
Sniper duo Keith and Alan are back from a stint in a Siberian gulag, but this isn’t the Tokyo they remember! Manipulation and betrayal are the name of the game as the machinations of sadistic American military man Gabriel turn the lives of every RGD character so far into a massive, interwoven Shakespearean tragedy.
By Ryukishi07 and Soichiro
Published by Yen Press
(three volumes total)

new leg

Run on Your New Legs
Freshman Shota Kikuzato was destined for soccer stardom until a tragic accident robbed him of his left leg. He’s lost the pep in his step until, one day, he finds himself observing the track club and considering para-running. His new goal? The 2020 TokyoParalympics! That is, unless COVID-19 derails plans for, well, all of society.
By Wataru Midori
Published by Yen Press
(ongoing series)

RWBY: The Official Manga
A stylized new take on the hit animated web series, in which Ruby and her friends at magic-monster-hunter school hunt some magic monsters but also take down terrorists.
By Bunta Kinami
Published by Viz Media
(three volumes total)

sadako cover
Sadako at the End of the World
The murderous ghost known as Sadako (of “The Ring” fame) finds herself summoned via video tape, but much to her chagrin, the world has already ended, and she’s forced to tag along with two small children to find scant survivors to curse and kill. Heartwarming!
By Koma Natsumi
Published by Yen Press
(standalone book)


Unemployed loser Minato isn’t thinking about the college he failed to get into anymore. Not when a well-endowed airhead in a miniskirt drops from the sky! Because it turns out Musubi is one of 108 “Sekirei”- big-boobed battle babes with kiss-powered supernatural abilities, meant to “bond” (*wink wink*) with certain humans and fight until the only the strongest alien-god-Pokémon-woman is left standing.
By Sakurako Gokurakuin
Published by Yen Press
(ten omnibi total)

She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat
Nomoto and Kasuga are neighbors who’ve never spoken a word to each other, but when home-chef Nomoto realizes that big-eater Kasuga may be just the person to do her dishes justice, it’s the start of a beautiful relationship. The cooking/eating veneer is just the icing on top of a refreshingly progressive tale about sexuality, gender identity, and gender roles in society.
By Sakaomi Yuzaki
Published by Yen Press
(ongoing series)

snow white 1 cover
Snow White With the Red Hair
Charming herbalist Shirayuki (literally: “white snow”) runs away from her stalker (the local prince) and winds up right in the arms of the prince next door, of course. The will-they-won’t-they is fine-tuned juuust right not to be maddening.
Anyway, clearly what the shojo genre needed was my male gaze/perspective!
By Sorata Akiduki
Published by VIZ Media
(ongoing series)

Mad scientist wannabe Okabe accidentally invents a microwave that can send text messages across the very fabric of time. What follows is a madcap scramble to fix the seemingly doomed timeline with some darkly philosophical musings on life, memory, and obligation.
By 5pb, Nitroplus, and Yomi Sarachi
Published by Udon Entertainment
(three volumes total)

Today’s Cerberus

Chiaki, a dull Japanese boy who’s literally missing his soul and forgot how to smile, is about to get an up-close-and-personal lesson in Greek mythology when the hell-hound of legend shows up on his doorstep in the form of a humanoid dog-girl with three interchangeable heads who inexplicably fall for him. You’ve never read a morally questionable harem story with more adorable, innocent, Disney-esque charm than this one.
By Ato Sakurai
Published by Yen Press
(twelve volumes total)

Übel Blatt
Prodigy swordsboy Ascheriit was murdered by his allies 20 years ago, but now he’s back as a half-fairy named Köinzell and ready for gory revenge. Join him and a revolving door’s worth of misfits as they spill buckets of blood and fight the corrupt, magic-enhanced powers-that-be throughout the war-torn, grimdark, nightmare world they unfortunately inhabit.
By Etorouji Shiono
Published by Yen Press
(twelve omnibi total)

VIZ’s Oneshots
Oneshots are single, non-serialized manga chapters.
-Burn the Witch
-Inishie no Horobimon

JUMPSTARTS are the first three chapters of new series, presented to the public for approval. The majority don’t make it, though breakout hit “Dr. Stone” was originally one of these!
El Dlive 
El Golazo
-Golem Hearts
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
-Noah’s Notes
-Seiji Tanaka: Secretary to the Managing President, General Time Industries
-Takuan and Batsu’s Daily Demon Diary

strongest sage 1
The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest
By Shinkoshoto/Kansho and Hyoko/Huuka Kazabana
Published by Square Enix Manga
Matthias was basically a magic god millennia ago but now he’s starting from square one as the smuggest kid ever who’s also a fish out of water. His ultimate goal was to fight eldritch gods in space (having already out-leveled all the standard high fantasy beasties on earth) but he realized his current class build isn’t cut out for that, so he re-rolled his life.
(ongoing series)

walking cat
The Walking Cat
By Tomo Kitaoka
Published by Seven Seas
Don’t let the title mislead you—the cat is not a zombie. Sort of a mixed metaphor going on there. The cat is a normal cat named Yuki who happens to be caught up in societal collapse due to a zombie apocalypse. Yuki shifts from one owner to next, all the while observing how loving and despicable humans can be.
(standalone omnibus)

We Never Learn
(no quirky summary here, since this was never really a series of mine)
By Taishi Tsuitsui
Published by VIZ Media
(substitute translator on chapter 22)

The Witch’s House: The Diary of Ellen
Peasant girl Ellen is fed up with being a bedridden invalid, so naturally, she descends into madness and murders her parents in cold blood. An appreciative cat demon admires her gusto and transforms her into an immortal, man-eating witch bound to a spooky mansion forever. Fun times ensue in this horror-filled romp.
By Yuna Kagesaki and Fummy
Published by Yen Press
(two volumes total)

world trigger
World Trigger

In the near-future, a series of attacks by aliens possessing mysterious tech have forced humans to fight back with, what else?- highly-equipped, superpowered teenagers. Come for the high-stakes sci-fi battle for humanity, stay for the neverending sparring tournaments between good guys.
By Daisuke Ashihara
Published by VIZ Media
(free monthly series on
(ongoing series – my translations begin at chapter 165)


Yowamushi Pedal
Think you know everything about competitive high school bicycle racing in suburban Japan? Of course you do – I’m sorry for even suggesting otherwise! But if you need to brush up, this is the series for you.
By Wataru Watanabe
Published by Yen Press
(my translations start in volume 20, within omnibus 10)
(ongoing series)


mha school briefs 1

My Hero Academia: School Briefs
Volume 1: Parents’ Day
Need more of those lovable 1-A kids in your life? Look no further because this light-novelization follows random-ish groupings of them as they go about their daily lives over the weekend leading up to a totally ordinary open house parents’ day at school.
By Anri Yoshi
Published by VIZ Media

school briefs 2
My Hero Academia: School Briefs
Volume 2: Training Camp: The Inside Story
The second novelization follows the kids to their summer training camp in the woods. You already know how the villains attack and kidnap Bakugo, but what about everything before that point? Studying for final exams? Riding the bus?? Slumber parties and arm-wrestling tournies??? Ida having to get up and pee in the night but he loses his glasses????
By Anri Yoshi
Published by VIZ Media

school briefs 3

My Hero Academia: School Briefs
Volume 3: Dorm Days
The third book takes a look at dorm life at U.A., and includes a chapter from the perspective of a pet rabbit and another one that’s randomly about the fantasy A.U.
By Anri Yoshi
Published by VIZ Media

school briefs 4

My Hero Academia: School Briefs
Volume 4: Festival For All
The fourth LN looks behind the scenes of the school festival, with chapters about Kirishima in Osaka, Shinso’s inner psychology, and class B’s lawsuit magnet of a theatrical production.
By Anri Yoshi
Published by VIZ Media

school briefs 5

My Hero Academia: School Briefs
Volume 5: Underground Dungeon
The fifth LN’s chapters focus on a labyrinth under the school, a visit from “Santa” for Eri, and a near-deadly hotpot meal for classes A and B.
By Anri Yoshi
Published by VIZ Media

streetfighterStreet Fighter: The Novel: Where Strength Lies
Ever imagined what it would be like to describe a series of eight Street Fighter matches to a blind person? Imagine no longer, because this is your script in 256 hardcover-bound pages.
By Takashi Yano and Yusuke Murata
Published by Udon Entertainment

Art/Tribute Books

Dark Souls II: Design Works

Don’t tell Udon, but I’d work for free if it meant stamping my name on anything Dark Souls-related. Even if DS2 was by far the worst game.
Published by Udon Entertainment

Dark Souls III: Design Works
…But DS3! That was a proper sendoff! Like the DS2 book, this one contains art from the DLC as well.
Published by Udon Entertainment

Devil May Cry: 3142 Graphic Arts

This series is popular, right? The book is so jam-packed with art, commentary, and trivia that I don’t feel the need to play any of the games at this point.
Published by Udon Entertainment

dragon ball visual history

Dragon Ball: A Visual History
Bursting with art from 25 years’ worth of Dragon Ball. That Toriyama guy has done some stuff, for sure.
Published by Viz Media

dragon quest eng

Dragon Quest Illustrations
Bursting with art from 30 years’ worth of Dragon Quest (or Dragon Warrior, depending) games. That Toriyama guy has done some stuff, for sure.
Published by Viz Media
(out now!)

Duel Art: Kazuki Takahashi Yu-Gi-Oh! Illustrations

It’s time to b-b-b-bbb-buy an art book! Gorgeous spreads of everything you love from Yu-Gi-Oh!, from Joey “Jonouchi” Wheeler to Blue-Eyes White Dragon!
Published by Udon Entertainment

bayonetta 2.jpg
The Eyes of Bayonetta 2
This monster of an art book covers every costume, monster, and environment from the fashionable witch’s second adventure (even the Nintendo character alt costumes!)
Published by Udon Entertainment

Kirby: Art and Style Collection
Not much text in this book, but there are about 13,000 pieces of Kirby art, from the games, internal docs, and external Japan-only promotions.
Published by Viz Media

Osamu Tezuka: Anime Character Illustrations

Rare, never-before-released art from the sketchbooks of the granddaddy himself.
Published by Udon Entertainment

Osamu Tezuka: Anime & Manga Character Sketchbook

Who doesn’t want more Tezuka sketches?
Published by Udon Entertainment


Neon Gensis Evangelion: TV Animation Production Art Collection
Just a little late for Netflix’s controversial re-dubbing! Controversy sells, right?
Published by Udon Entertainment
(August 2019 release)

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth – Official Visual Materials
Another game I never played, but it sure felt like I did after translating this comprehensive tome.
Published by Udon Entertainment
(future release)

The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

Objection!!!…is what I’d say to anyone claiming Ace Attorney doesn’t have some of the most beautiful art you’ll see in the point-and-click text adventure courtroom drama genre.
Published by Udon Entertainment

Record of Agarest War 2: Heroines Visual Book

For the fans of pinup anime girl “art.” You know who you are.
Published by Udon Entertainment

Samurai Pizza Cats: Official Fan Book
This ain’t the “Samurai Pizza Cats” you remember! …It was actually a fairly cookie-cutter 80s anime set in a futuristic Japan populated by robo-animals and filled with period-specific references to Japanese pop culture. You know, one of those.
Published by Udon Entertainment

Senran Kagura: Official Design Works

More anime girl pinups, but this time they’re also ninjas!
Published by Udon Entertainment

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Official Artworks

Take a break from anime girls and delve into the sci-fi/fantasy/horror/crypto-religious aesthetic of SMT’s fourth installment.
Published by Udon Entertainment

Shining Blade and Ark: Collection of Visual Materials

…There really must be a market for all this anime girl pinup stuff!
Published by Udon Entertainment

Video Games

La-Mulana EX
 on PS Vita
(Beastiary Text Copyediting)
What are the odds I’d be randomly assigned to the PS Vita port of my favorite indie game of all time? Pretty good, apparently.

mega man
Mega Man Legacy Collection
 on PS4, Xbox One, and 3DS
(Beastiary Text Translation)
Wait, they asked me to do Mega Man too? Am I being watched? Is this like the Truman Show?

Sayonara Umihara Kawase
on PS Vita
(Game Manual Translation)
So I’d never actually heard of this one before, but apparently you play as a sushi chef grapple-hooking around a surreal world catching giant fish. …Fits in well enough with a lot of the other stuff I’ve done.


Zuiganji Temple Museum
(Selected Exhibit Plaques)