When I lived in Japan from 2011-2013 (between the ages of 22 and 24), I kept a blog of my experiences and observations. I worked as a middle school ALT (assistant language teacher) in a rural part of Miyagi Prefecture, in the northern reaches of Honshu.

The majority of those 20 original blog posts are embarrassing and borderline problematic in retrospect, but a handful only needed a little editing to be made fit for public consumption in this, the year 2018. Those are the ones found here. Each is prefaced with a bit of additional context.

Criminal – the one where I meet the hammer of Japanese justice

Denki – the one where I take a special bath

Cold – the one where I descend into the Ninth Circle

Licensing – the one where I take some tests

Sales – the one where I unwittingly scam the elderly

Repairs – the one where I DIY



Parasol – My entry for the 2018 Kurodahan Press Translation Prize